Scanning Services

No GST Scanning Service In Singapore!

If you are looking to get your documents scanned at a cheap rate without any hidden costs or any additional charges such as GST charges. That is why all our products and services have no GST charges at all! There is no minimum amount required for you to start scanning your documents with us. That is one of the bonuses that we have to offer as well. Compared to other businesses, we are more flexible and one of the cheapest scanning service providers as well.

You can even start scanning with us with just 1 document. As we have mentioned, there is no minimum amount required. All pricing will be based on the amount of documents that you want to scan. However, if you want your order to be cheaper, it is advised to scan a large amount at a go. That way you are able to get the cheapest price available. Not to mention, we even provide free delivery! So you do not have to worry about carrying a large document back as we can deliver it to you.

Below is the pricing for the scanning of your documents. You can proceed to place an order once you have look through the costs. For any more enquiries, please feel free to contact us directly and we will assist you from there.

Do email us (, WhatsApp us (+65 9637 9676) or call our hotline (+65 6100 9676) to start your order.