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Comb Binding Services

No GST Comb Binding Service In Singapore!

Comb binding is a method of binding documents. It is also known under other names such as Cerlox binding or Surelox binding. This method uses a round plastic spine with 19 or 21 rings. For US letter size and A4 size respectively. It also requires a hole puncher that makes rectangular holes. It sometimes is also referred to as plastic comb binding or spiral comb binding. Comb binding machines are available in a variety of different designs such as low-volume, medium volume, and high volume. Low-volume binding machines are commonly used in a user’s home or for non-frequent binding. Mid-volume binding is most commonly used to bind a few books a day. High-volume binding machine is used to bind dozens to hundreds per day. To begin the process of using comb binding on a document, the user will first punch holes in the paper using a hole punch. For most of these machines, pages must be punched a few at a time. Hard covers, if desired, must also be punched. Sometimes, when binding with this method in bulk, a paper drilling machine can also be used. A suitable spine must then be chosen. The standard spine sizes are 4.8mm and 51 mm. The lengths of the spine are generally 280mm.The rings on the spine will then open and be inserted into the holes in the page, it will then rest against the body of the spine, which results in a closure that is possible to be reopened to make changes to the document. This produces a sleek, professional looking book that is durable. 

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Why Choose Comb Binding?

With this method, the book can be laid flat, but cannot be opened 360 degrees.

Spine can be reopened if any changes are desired.

Plastic combs are common and available in a variety of sizes 

If you are looking to comb bind your own documents around the central area of Singapore, you no need to look further as we are located in Chinatown! Not only is our location easily accessible, the building has a carpark as well so you can just park your vehicle and walk around before collecting your product. Not to worry as our customer service officers will inform you immediately once you can collect your order!

Comb Binding
Quantity 1 to 9 10 to 49 50 to 99 100 ~
A4 $3.00 $2.80 $2.60 $2.40

*Prices listed are for per piece. *Printing cost is not included. *In the case where the customer brings their own documents, the contents may get cut off or damaged, please bring extra copies or print at the same time as 91 Photocopy & Binding Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd will not be responsible. *Volume discount does not apply if customers bring their own documents. *Additional 50% charge applies for all binding if customers bring their own document.

Do email us (, WhatsApp us (+65 9637 9676) or call our hotline (+65 6100 9676) to start your order.