More Regarding Our Scanning Services

This blog post is to allow a more in-depth understanding of the uses of scanning your documents. It is worth the read if you are interested in getting your documents scanned. For any more enquiries or feedback that you might have, please do contact us directly so that we can make the necessary adjustments and assist you further from there!

We offer a short lead time of 2-3 working days so you are able to collect your scanned documents as soon as possible. You can even collect it on the same day itself if you are able to provide all the necessary information before 3 pm. You do not have to worry about your information getting shared with others as we respect your privacy. So do keep in mind that you can trust us and that we will keep your private information confidential.

With this scanning service that we provide, you do not have to travel to the other part of Singapore or travel overseas to pass your documents as we can get it scanned and sent to you. It will be a lot easier and faster as compared to physically traveling around to have your documents signed or received. We can guarantee that 91 Photocopy & Binding Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd is one of the cheapest service providers. Our office is easy to locate and you can even park your vehicle here. So after passing us the documents that you want to scan, you can walk around and do about your business first before coming back to collect all your documents. If not, we can even deliver it to you free of charge once you hit a certain amount.

Scanning your documents can help the environment and even benefit you even greater. Scared of losing your documents? Afraid that your documents will get dirtied? What happens if your documents fade overtime? Not to worry as you can have your documents saved into your laptop, phone or thumbdrive! Just head over to our office and place an order regarding the scanning of your documents. After scanning, it can be saved on the internet! You do not have to think about all the worries that you might have anymore.

Moreover, scanning of documents can help you to see every detail on the document clearer as compared to snapping a picture of it to save it. It even makes everything a lot neater as scanned documents will be just like an A4 document, unlike the picture where there may be disturbance such as the table affecting the look of your documents. So it will be harder to print out the picture taken as it will be shown on your paper that there are other unnecessary disturbances around the documents.


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