FAQ About Document Printing

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that you might have regarding our document printing services. For any more enquiries that you cannot find down below, do feel free to contact us directly so we can further assist you from there.

What materials are available?

Currently, we only use copier paper to print your documents. However, you are able to choose to print your documents in black and white format or coloured format. However, do note that the printing of documents in black and white format is much cheaper than our coloured format. So it is recommended to get your documents printed in black and white for a more cost-effective option.

What is the minimum amount of documents needed to start printing?

We do not have any minimum amount of documents needed to start printing. You can even print just one single document and we will still charge you accordingly. For more enquiries regarding how our document printing services is charged, you can head over to our document printing services page. Both black and white as well as coloured pricing have all been listed down clearly to allow a deeper understanding into how your document printings are charged.

How long does it take for my product to be done?

You can collect your printed documents 2-3 working days after we have confirmed that your payment has been in. However, you can even collect on the same day itself but please do inform our customer service officers of the necessary changes as there may be additional charges applied accordingly. Do note that email-ing in will be a faster option to order as there will be a queue for WhatsApp orders. It is recommended to leave “Urgent” for the subject if you need the product urgently so we will attend to you as soon as possible.

What about paper stock?

There are different kinds of finishing for document printings but as of now we only offer one kind of finishing. However, that does not change the quality of your printed documents as we will ensure that each and every document will be handled carefully. That way, your finished product will be what you have expected or even exceed your expectations!

Can I get a quote?

Yes, you can! Our pricings are all quoted on our Document Printing Services page. However, if you are not sure about how your document printing services will be charged, you can simply WhatsApp, Email or call our Hotline for further assistance. But do give us the necessary information so that we can adjust accordingly and quote you the price. From there, you can reply to us and decide which service is best suited for you.

What are the options available?

Right now the options available is getting your documents printed in coloured form or black and white form. In the future, we will be implementing more options for you to choose from. Our company is not a GST registered company hence we have no GST charges so rest assured and starting ordering from us. It is also recommended to get your documents printed in black and white format to incur lesser charges.

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