FAQ About Comb Binding Services

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that you might have regarding our comb binding services! Please contact us for any other enquiries you have that are not stated here.

What materials are available?

Currently, we only provide a plastic coil to bind your documents together. However, the plastic coil that we use are of a good standard and you do not have to worry about it breaking easily. Here at 91 Photocopy & Binding Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd, we believe in providing only the highest quality regardless of any order.

What is the minimum amount of documents needed to start binding?

A bonus is that there is no minimum amount of documents required for you to bind your documents with us. However, it is recommended to bind a large amount of documents to get it at an even cheaper price!

How long does it take for my product to be done?

It will only take 2-3 working days after we have confirmed that your payment has been in. If you need it to be done urgently, do email us and write “Urgent” for the subject so that we will expedite the process to be done faster. However, extra charges may incur depending on what you are ordering.

What are the differences between the two binding services that you have to offer?

Comb bind is better choice for impromptu decisions. That is because you are able to open the comb bind and place new documents inside then proceed to close to secure all your documents properly. Wire bind is not suitable as it can cause the wire to look distorted. Comb binding is naturally weaker than wire binding as it does not offer a metal wire to bind your documents as compared to wire binding. However, comb binding has been around for a long time and it has never failed in binding a large number of documents together.

Which of the two binding services is best suited for me?

You can send in all your requests and requirements then we will proceed to advise you accordingly. From the discussion, our customer service officers will be able to inform you of which binding services is better for you to bind your documents with. Our customer service officers will also inform you if what you want is good for you as they will be able to give you intel and inform you of why the service that they advise you is of a better choice and option for you.

Can I get a quote?

Yes, you can! We just need you to send us the required information needed and we will then proceed to give you a quote. Moreover, comb binding is definitely the cheaper alternative that you can choose from to have all your documents bound. It is a more cost-effective option.

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